Welcome to Burr Oaks Dood Ranch Doods done right !!
Welcome to Burr Oaks Dood Ranch.
We do not cargo or ground ship our pups. You will need to drive to us or fly in and take as carry on. 

We only feed Holistic Organic food to our Pets and require you to also for health and longevity.

Important warning about pet food: Please read link:
Please read link below.

We specialize in 3rd and 4th generation pups.
    We also still do some 1st and 2nd generations
once in a while.
    Petite Goldendoodles or
     Double Doodle's adult size of 12 to 25 lbs.
 Once in a while maybe 30 lbs.
Please choose from the pages listed above.
We do not cago ship our pups. We have been raising quaility puppies for 35 years.
We have raised both AKC purebreds and Hybrids
we breed for the best temperaments and comformation.

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