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Important warning for about some commercial dog food poisoning our pets:
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We are licensed by The state WI. DATCP and the Marquette County Health Dept. And have been by the county for 32 years. We have always past our yearly inspections. We also pay state sales tax and income tax on every puppy. We have a commercial license and commercial proporty insc.

Do you accept visitors?

We welcome visitors to our home when the pups are 6 weeks old from serious prospective buyers when we have a litter for them to consider. We ask that you have already done your breed research before setting up an appointment, rather than asking to "see if a breed is right for" you. Also we ask that people have already decided whether the timing will work for them before they visit a certain litter.

Like most breeders, we do not allow visitors in our kennel area. It is too upsetting for our breeding dogs to have strangers enter their "turf," and we cannot allow potential pathogens to be introduced to our very young puppies. 

Male verses Female.
If you have a male neutered at a young age he will squat just like a female. In fact the males will go to everyone in the family, Where the female can tend to go to the caregiver more.  
Picking up the puppies:
We are open by appt only.
 Saturday's when a litter is ready to go 
from 11:00am to 2:00pm 
Closed on Sunday's.
Closed on most Weekdays.

The pups can be picked up at 8 weeks old and not before. They need to have their first shot before they go home. Also their personalities really start to come out at that age.
You must also make sure that you have not been to other kennels prior to coming here. That is how parvo and other things can be track into our place. Please also do not wear any perfumes or scented lotions
We breed for the best temperments and conformation on our Hybrids.
We have raised AKC purebreds & Hybrids for 34 years now. We have great genetic health on our Parent dogs.

What you must ask yourself before buying a puppy.
Does your lifestyle allow adequate time for a puppy?
Many households have no one home for long periods of time during the day to housebreak, train and socialize a puppy. Many behavior problems and housebreaking difficulties result from inadequate time spent with the pup.

Are you sure your housing situation allows you to keep a dog?
Many rental properties do not allow pets. If it is likely you will need to move, will your dog be permitted in the new location? Many pets are given up for just this reason.

Which breed of dog will best suit your needs?
Breeds with long, thick coats require more grooming. Large dogs need more room for housing and are more expensive to feed. Some breeds are very energetic and require more time and attention for exercise.

Do you know what to expect as normal behavior, and how to care for and manage the pet?
Do you have reasonable expectations of the puppy? It is important to remember that normal puppies are extremely active. Chewing and barking are normal, and puppies will have many "accidents" before they are housebroken. It is usually necessary to make some changes in your lifestyle to cope with the puppy's normal behavior.

Can you afford a dog?
All well-cared-for dogs require some expense. They need routine vaccinations and physical examinations to stay healthy. Spaying and neutering are beneficial procedures that you need to consider. Even healthy dogs may become ill or injured, and require costly veterinary care. Some breeds need professional grooming, and acceptable-quality dog food may be more expensive than you think.

Have you given enough thought to this decision?
Do not buy a dog on impulse; make an informed decision. Take advantage of the many resources available. Talk to veterinarians and breeders. Read books from the library or bookstore.

Buying a dog is a real commitment. If you make a well-informed decision with your eyes wide open, you will be rewarded with a happy, healthy dog and years of faithful companions.

 We strongly believe in the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan's way of training and raising puppies and Training people to understand dog psychology. He has a DVD out called People training for dogs.You may place your order at the link below.
                 For more information, visit www.ngcdogwhisperer.com 
Learning to train your puppy suggestions
#1 ,,,,The Dog Whisperer.
                       We do not profit from Cesar's site. It is just a link for our Customer's. 
       We do not sell to pet stores , brokers or to any puppy mills . 
 Petite Goldendoodle and Petite Labradoodle pups come with a 1 year lifethreating genetic Guarantee on health. Up to date on shots & wormings and Vet checked healthly.     
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Rover, Petite Goldendoodle male red curly coat. Parents are Snoopy & Robby.
I just want you to know what an extraordinary dog Rover is. He was great all the way home. Cuddled up and was sleeping most of the way. He perked up meeting children and other dogs, but has bonded with me. He follows me all over. He has had a great time playing on the Capitol Lawn and 90% of the time he has made it outside. All poops today were outside!
Now for the most amazing parts:
His first night he settled in at 11:00 pm and I didn't hear a peep out of him until 6:45. No crying, no whining. Last night he went to be at 10:30 and woke up at 7:00! He went to bed tonight the same way.
He has already learned to sit on command, and comes when called and sits when he gets to me. I didn't think anyone would believe me, but now everyone in the family has seen it and they agree it's not an accident. He also started retrieving today. When I throw toys for him, he brings them back and drops them. I also have him sitting when we get to a cross walk. He is doing pretty well on a leash, especially when he is following someone.
You should have seen him when he first saw a bus! He is not at all frightened and I think he will be a great city dog. He is already expecting that everyone walking down the street will stop and pet him.
Tomorrow we go to the vet, and I'll let you know what she says. I can tell he's healthy.. he just bounds all over.
Here is a photo of him on his first visit to Capitol Kids, my store.
Thanks. I adore him and my old dog Moxie is finally looking at me again. She has definately made sure he knows that she isn't playing!

Peg S. Madison, WI.

Miss Maggie, Petite Goldendoodle. Angel & Robby are the parents.
<> Hey Leslie,
Here is an updated picture of Maggie (Megan)....she is still the life of
the party around here. She knows her name now...now we are working on
getting her to go OUTSIDE for potty time (hasn't got that one down
yet)....but what a cutie!

Hope all is well with you guys...take care, and have a great Christmas
this year.

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Miss Maggie Dec09 005.jpg

Holden, Petite Goldendoodle. Parents are Buttercup & Robby.
Hi! You're welcome. I think this will be the merriest Christmas yet, with our new family member.
Quick question: Holden has spent the last three nights in his crate near my bedside. When should he move out of my room? He's so good…he doesn't make a peep until about 5:45!
From: leslie jahn [mailto:lesjahn@msn.com]
Sent: Monday, December 21, 2009 6:54 PM
To: Debbie
Subject: RE: Holden
Hi Debbie,

Thank you for the very cute pics of Holden and we are so glad he is doing great and that you love him. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Thanks Leslie

Subject: Holden
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 10:35:40 -0800
From: debbie.
To: lesjahn@msn.com
We are in love with little Holden. What a great puppy he is! He slept 8 hours last night. No mistakes in our house yet! Thanks for everything. Merry Christmas!
Debbie W. Chicago, IL.
Stella, Petite Goldendoodle. Parents are Buttercup and Robby
Hi Leslie,
I didn't know if you like to see pictures of your "off springs" or not - but I wanted to show you what an absolutely gorgeous little dog Stella has turned out to be (Amber - picked her up April 17th).
She is a wonderful dog!
If anyone ever wanted a reference for your dogs you can give them my name if you would like.
Hope all is well with you.
Thanks and take care, Laurie
Daisy, { Sold } Female Standard Goldendoodle. Born 3-24-07. Britney & Claude are the parents.
Daisy is a real sweetheart. Non-shed wavy coat. Adult wt. of 60 lbs. Please click on the pic.to enlarge.
{ Sold } Another pic. of Daisy !!!
Sonny, { Sold Male } Standard Goldendoodle. Born 3-24-07. Britney & Claude are the parents.
Sonny is a blast. He loves to play and be petted. Adult wt. of 65 to 80 lbs. Low to non-shed coat.
Please click on the pic. to enlarge.
{ Sold } Another pic. of Sonny !!

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