These are the Adults

 The 2 Goldens shown here are the Grand Parents of our Petite Doods

      Welcome to our upcoming litters page.
Page updated 8-13-17
        Here you can check for upcoming litters and about when they will be ready to go to their new homes.

These are our adults that came down from AKC or CKC reg. provible backgrounds that we started with about 15 years ago.
From there we now only raise Petite Goldendoodle's that are now
Multi generational. 
Pics of the Sire's and Dam's of our puppies are shown below.
These Dogs are not for sale.

All pups are priced at 2800 to 3000 plus tax. 
We have held off on raising prices as long as we could, But with all of the Regulation's and inspector's being able to come and walk into our HOME anytime they want without calling !! Also the cost of everything has gone up so we have no choice.
We also will only have a very few litter's per year.
Please go to the Petite's page to see the upcoming litter's.

Pics will be posted on the
Petite's page  
 When placing a pre-born deposit please understand that they don't always have born what you are looking for. Once in a while we will have a false preg. or a female that doesn't take. So you may need to move on to the next litter or get a refund if you don't want to wait. We will do our very best to get you your new pup as close to the time that are wanting to adopt your new family member !!!.  
To contact us, please e-mail us at 

Ruby, Female Petite Goldendoodle. Red with white markings. She is 16 lbs and 16 inches tall.
Ruby is super sweet and playful.
Sasha- Female Petite Goldendoodle. She is white and is 18 lbs and 17 inches tall.
Sasha is very sweet and friendly.
Joanie Petite Goldendoodle red female. She is 14 lbs and is 14 inches tall to the back.
Joanie is a very good momma and is sweet , playful and loving.
Quinn -Petite Goldendoodle female. She is 20 lbs and is a gold curly coat. Height to back is 14
Quinn is super friendly and playful. She is a wonderful Mommy also.
Fonzie playing in the yard !!
Fonzie Petite Goldendoodle male Deep red silky coat.
Fonzie is a gorgeous male super friendly and loves to fetch. He weighs 23 lbs.
He looks like a tiny deep red Golden Retriever.
Noah Petite Goldendoodle male cream and he's only 12 lbs !!
Noah is super sweet and has a very soft feel to his wavy to curly coat. He is 12 inches to the back and only 12 lbs.
Ema- Female Petite Goldendoodle. She is a deep gold wavy to curly coat.
Ema is a daughter of Jackie and Charlie. Wow what a pretty girl !! Ema is 12 inches tall to the back and her wait is only 12 lbs !! She is super sweet and friendly and we expect super looking pups from her.
Ema sitting and waiting for me. What a coat !!
Ema is also Sue Ellen's full sister. She is trimmed down in this picture.
Walden -Male Petite Goldendoodle. Red wavy to curly coat
Walden is very sweet and friendly and is a very nice 2 year old. He is out of Abby and Elmo. His wt is 22 lbs and is 18 inches tall.
Walden playing
Sue Ellen- Female Petite Goldendoodle Gold wavy to curly coat.
Sue Ellen is super sweet and playful.
Sue Ellen- Petite Goldendoodle female Gold & White wavy to curly coat.
Sue Ellen is very sweet and playful. She is out of Jackie and Charlie. She weighs 14 pounds and is 14 inches tall.
Lola- Female Petite Goldendoodle she is a full sisiter to Layla and throughs deep red pups !!
Lola is super sweet and playful. Lola is 16 lbs and is 16 inches tall.
Charlie- Petite Goldendoodle red wavy to curly coat. Wt of 23 lbs and is 17 inches tall.
Charlie has a wounderful sweet and friendly temperament and loves to play. Charlie I'm " Winning " I love the ladies !!!
His parents are Gloria and Robby.
Charlie Petite Goldendoodle male red wavy to curly coat. Wt of 23 lbs and is 17 inches tall to the back.
Berta- Petite Goldendoodle female golden red wavy coat. 12 inches tall and is 15 lbs.
Berta was born here and her parents are Gloria and Robby. She is a full sister to Wiggles, Chloe and Charlie.
Elaine- Petite Labradoodle female Gold wt of 24 lbs and is 18 inches tall.
Elaine is very sweet and smart. She is a full sister to Mac and Molly.
Gloria Female red Cockapoo. Wt of 22 lbs and is 18 inches tall.
Gloria has a wounderful sweet and loving temperament.
Chloe- Petite Goldendoodle red wavy coat. Wt of 18 lbs.
Chloe is a wonderfully sweet girl and is a sister to Charlie, Berta and Chloe. Parents are Gloria and Robby. Chloe is 18 lbs and 16 inches tall to the back
Trina Petite Goldendoodle gold wavy to curly coat.
Trina is very sweet and a great Mom.wt of 18 lbs and is 14 inches tall to the back. She is sporting her summer clip !!
Trina- another cute pic !!
Layla- Petite Goldendoodle silky coat deep red female.
Layla is 18 lbs and is 17 inches tall to her back. She is sweet as sugar and is a great mom.
Apollo - Retired - Petite Goldendoodle 2nd generation dark gold silky coat.
Apollo looks just like a tiny Golden Retriever he only weighs 20 lbs!! He does have a coats that is seasonal shedding but has only thrown non-shedding pups. He is super sweet and friendly.
Abby,-Retired - Petite Goldendoodle female cream. Wt of 15 lbs and 15 inches tall.
Robby,{ Retired Grandfather to many of our pups } F1 Mini Goldendoodle. CKC reg. Wt. of 22 lbs. & 16inches tall.
Robby has a wonderfull temperament and is very friendly. He is a real gentelman and is very smart. He is the Grand-sire of most of are Petite Goldendoodles. He is also Charlie's sire

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