Beautiful pups gone to their new homes.
              ZuZu on Left lives in AZ with the Ford family.         
               Riley on right lives with the Sladek's in MI.  

These are some of our pups that have gone to their new homes.
To contact us, please e-mail us at  Thanks Dale and Leslie Jahn

Rudy male light gold Wiggles and Apollo wavy coat
Peyton a gorgeous cream female wavy to curly coat
What a great day at the beach !!
Beau a gorgeous red male wavy to curly coat
Winnetka, IL Dogs posing for a very cute Picture !!
We have Hawkeye, Dave, Bear and Newman !!
Fenway- Red Petite Goldendoodle born 10-7-12 to Berta and Apollo.
Hi! This is Cyndi O'Toole. I just wanted to send you an updated picture. Fenway just turned 1 on 10-7. We are so in love with this little guy! He has been the perfect addition to our family! We can't imagine life without him!! Thank you sooo much!! He is doing great!! Isn't he perfect???
Lucy Levy-IL Busy at her desk. What a cutey !! Thanks for sending Jim
Jack- Sold to Susan-NJ Gold Petite Goldendoodle born 10-15-12 to Rosie and Robby.
Hi. Just wanted to drop you a line to say hi. I miss our regular calls... :) Jack is doing terrific and we are enjoying him soo much! He has become very popular in our neighborhood!!! Many of my friends will be in touch about pups soon! How many pups to you expect for your spring litter??

Here is a current picture for you to enjoy!

Regards, Susan
Mocha- Petite Goldendoodle female deep red wavy coat.
Layla and Charlie's 2012 pup.
Hi Leslie,She is an awesome puppy and everywhere we go people stop us with questions and to see her. I have given your name to several people. Thanks for such a wonderful addition to our family. What a personality!! Thanks again, Sona IL/FL
Zoie and Howie-Sold .
Red wavy coats
Willie - { Sold to Charlie-WA. } Red wavy coat male w/ Santa Christmas 2012
Gloria and Jack on the Jersey Shore.Petite Goldendoodle-Sold NJ
Zoie and Howie Petite Goldendoodle's
Zoie's parents are Berta and Elmo.
Howie's parents are Mac and Charlie

Howie had just been neutered so they had to shave some hair off of his front leg.
Charlie- Sold to Jackie & Eric-NY } Female Petite Goldendoodle red wavy coat. She is a litter mate to our Charlie.
Gloria and Robby are her parents
Libby { Sold to Jordyn-WI } Petite Goldendoodle female gold wavy coat. Adult wt of 25 lbs.
Trina and Robby are the parents.
Riley- Sold to Lisa- MI. Petite Goldendoodle. Dark Gold wavy to curly coat female. Adult wt of 15 to 20 lbs.
Truman, Petite Goldendoodle male Gold wavy to curly coat. Wt of 18 lbs and 15 inches tall.
Tator Tot, Petite Goldendoodle male gold wavy coat. Shown here at 6 months. Wt of 18 lbs and 16 inches tall.
Lacy and Robby are the parents.
Benny, Petite Goldendoodle male light gold wavy coat. Shown here at 5 months old. Wt of 15 lbs. and 12 inches tall.
Truman, Petite Labradoodle male cream wavy coat. Now at 8 months old. 26 lbs and 13 inches tall.
Ginger and Mr. Howell are the parents. He is at Lake Michigan. I love the water !!!
Please click to enlarge the pictures.
Yukon, Yuki for short !!! Petite Goldendoodle male dark gold cury coat. Wt. of 24 lbs and 15 inches tall. 8 months old.
Lovie and Robby are the parents.
Kona, F1b Mini Goldendoodle. Rare Golden wavy coat. 7 months old and 12 lbs and 12 inches tall.
Princess and Robby are the parents.
Molly, Petite Goldendoodle female gold wavy coat.
Lovie and Robby are the parents.
Libby Petite Goldendoodle female gold curly coat. Annie & Robby are the parents.
Another pic of Sophie !!
Axel, Petite Goldendoodle male curly coat. Light Gold. 7 months old. 18 lbs and 13.5 inches tall.
Marianne & Mr. Howell are the parents.
Another pic. of Axel Petite Goldendoodle male.
Shelby, F1b Mini Labradoodle. Gold wavy coat. Adult wt. of 20 lbs. Parents are Ginger & Poo Bear.
Shown here at 9 months old.
Sophie, Petite Goldendoodle female Gold curly coat. She is 7 months old. Lacy & Robby are the parents. Adult wt. of 15 to 20 lbs.
Einstine, Petite Goldendoodle male, Creamy gold. Lacy & Robby are the parents. He is 25 lbs. & 16 inches tall.
Dudley, Petite Goldendoodle, Gold curly coat. He is 14" tall and 20 lbs.
Jodie & Robby are the parents.

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